Gaming Testing Experience

Our Landscape

Trisigma was founded in 2010 by Rob Hubregtse and Frank Otte. Under their enterprising leadership Trisigma has matured in a short period into an international well-established testlab, valued and respected by the gaming industry and regulatory bodies.

Trisigma's primary focus is to provide dedicated certification services with regard to compliance requests for games for the European market.

Rob Hubregtse

A gaming compliance veteran of over 25 years. Enjoying every day in this dynamic business. Rob has been working from inception with industry and regulators on the establishment of a responsible and sound gaming landscape. ”Trustful and pleasant relationships are our greatest assets”. Rob has a strong background in software quality assurance and system engineering.

Frank Otte

With a background in logistic management, quality management, software development and information security, Frank has been working in the certification business for over 25 years. Since his introduction in the gaming industry, he experienced creativity, dynamics and involvement that remains exciting and challenging. Franks personal goal is to run a company that is considered a friendly, accessible, dedicated and knowledgeable sounding board and strategic business partner for the gaming industry, authorities and interested parties, which everybody can trust and rely on.

Responsible Gaming

Trisigma contributes to a professional and socially accepted responsible gaming landscape.



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Trisigma holds ISO/IEC 17020 and 17025 accreditation